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Guides for WAMP

Throughout this website, you will find a lot of very useful guides for web server and WAMP. If you like a particular guide or any other sources and would like to use it in any way, please contact us and please do credit back to our website JLBN.net if posting any part of our guides on your sites. The guides each carry their own separate source collected from our personal experiences or from some forums or from world wide webs, so don't be surprise if seeing your "little piece" in here. Upon downloading and using the guides, you agree to use them at your own risk, and we will not take any responsibility to any damage or effect that might apply to your sites; therefore, make sure to test them very careful before actually using them on your live sites ;-)

Install & Setup WAMP & Scripts

For starting, please download WAMP from our Downloads page and begin with our Setup WAMP guide. When your WAMP works as expected, you should immediately backup your "green" WAMP by following our Setup Backup guide so you can easily restore back to your working WAMP status if ever running into any unexpected issue later on. Next important thing you should do immediately is following our Setup Password guide to put "a little" security on your MySQL server even if you are the only one who uses this WAMP PC since you never know if someday someone might use your PC and accidentally make some little changes on your Databases that would give you a very hard time or even impossible to restore back to its working state.

From here, it's a little depends on your Server Admin and Script Coding ranking to determine which guide you should be in next; if you're a completely rookie, you should follow our Setup Basic guide to have idea what, where and how to get start; if you've already used some other WAMP package or stand-alone, you might want to jump right in our Setup Database guide to get going. In additions to scripting, if you'd like your websites are visible on your LAN and/or even worldwide, don't hesitate to drop by our Setup Access guide and if you like a litle more into this subject, don't forget to stop by our Setup DNS guide which shows you how to tie your purchased domain to your WAMP PC and our Setup Virtual Hosts guide that shows your how to setup to assigned a particular directory to a particular web site and/or user. If your website's transactions involve in some personal information such as Credit Card Numbers, very detail personal information such as real name, address, income, so on or even just a little less personal information such as website membership, registration and/or logging in, you should follow our Setup SSL/HTTPS guide to setup encrypted security transactions. If you concern about protection for your own script, follow our Setup ZendIonCube guide to setup Zend Optimizer and IonCube Loader. In additions, if you're interested in remote manage your MySQL server, follow our Setup Remote MySQL guide andd if you like to edit WAMP tray icon menu the ways you desire, our Setup Custom Menu guide is for you. For your very convenient, the Menu on the right side is the list of the guides for some very most FREE popular common using PHP scripts such as Setup CMS Joomla, Setup Blog Wordpress, Setup Forums PHPBB, Setup Wiki Mediawiki, Setup Perl/CGI, and even Setup ASP.net on WAMP ;-)

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Setup Blog Wordpress
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