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STEP 2: Put your WAMP Server in On-Line Mode

WAMP server comes with off-line mode by default. To put your WAMP server in on-line mode, left click on WAMP tray icon to access Main Menu, then select "Put Online" (setpo.jpg)


STEP 3: Enable Associate Port in all Routers

For example, your computer with WAMP installed has LAN IP; basically, you need to enable port on router as follows:

Service name: HTTP
Start port: 80
End port: 80
Server IP address:

However, different routers have different ways to enable port. Some call Port Forwarding, some call Virtual Server while some others call Services. Here we include two screenshots for the two most popular known: Port Forwarding (setpf1.jpg) and Virtual Server (setpf2.jpg)

Note: If you use different port other than 80, make sure to enable that same port here

Here are some popular default IP address to login the settings of the routers:

And also here are some popular default login informations:
Username: admin
Password: admin (or password, or blank)

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