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Install & Setup Blog Guide

In this Install & Setup Blog Guide for WAMP users, we will show you how to install and setup WordPress with version 2.3.2 is used in this tutor guide. First thing first, you need to setup database for WordPress, please check Setup Database guide, and in this tutor guide we install and setup the database with the follow informations:

Host : localhost
Database : wordpress
Username : wordpress
Password : wordpress

Step One

You should go to our Downloads page to get the WordPress package which is used in this tutor guide. After downloading, unzip the package, rename the folder to "wordpress" and move or copy the whole folder to C:/wamp/www folder. You begin to install and setup blogs by typing this address below in the browser, and you're be welcome with the warning message that you need to setup file wp-config.php either manually or through web interface, and we suggest to do it manually (wp1.jpg)


Step Two

Open folder wordpress that we previous saved in c:/wamp/www folder and locate the file wp-config-sample.php (wp2.jpg)

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