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Setup Backup


In this setup guide for WAMP, we will only show you the simplest method to backup your WAMP server; if you would like to have a higher level of backup, please consult from other sources.

Before attempting any change, even the first time password setup, you should perform a full backup based on this setup backup guide for WAMP.

Note: Remember to restart your WAMP server after ANY change.

JL 12.17


As mentioned above, we only show the simplest method to backup, so we suggest you set your MySQL storage default type to MyISAM as follows:
Open file my.ini in folder C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.0.xx and find this line:
Make the change or add the line below if not found in [wampmysqld]
Then, save file and restart WAMP to take effect

Note: Make sure to switch the database type BEFORE create the database or you will lose the database after switching.

After you've finsished installing and checking to make sure WAMP's all services running, you should immediately backup your WAMP server as follows:

  • Create a folder Backups on your computer, and better if you can create it on different hard drive or different partition
  • Copy the whole folder WAMP into folder Backups
  • Google for some free Sync program and you should use it to update your files/folders before attempting any change, even the first time password setup

BN 11.02


In case your website or your database does not display as expected and you are not sure which causes it, you can restore your file or folder as follows:

  • For web page, copy the associated file from Backups folder and overwrite that same filename in www folder
  • For database, copy the associated folder in Backups/wamp/bin/mysql/mysql5.0.xx/data to overwrite that same folder name in C:/wamp/bin/mysql/mysql5.0.xx/data folder
    Note: Remember, this option only work if and only if you've already set your MySQL storage type to MyISAM
  • BN 11.02

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