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Perl CGI for Individual on WAMP

Posted on July 4, 2008 by BN

Perl is a very useful scripting language; however, not everybody need to use it; thus, in this instruction guide for WAMP, we show you how to setup Perl for certain user(s). For example, we have 3 users friend1, buddy2, mate3 and friend1, mate3 need to use Perl while buddy2 does not have a good use of it

Step 1

First thing first, we need to create account for each user. In folder C:/wamp/www on the main computer that has WAMPSERVER installed, we now create 3 folders associated with each user as follows:


Step 2

Since friend1 and mate3 need to have Perl, we need to create cgi-bin folders associated for these users as follows:


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