JLBN - Moving Wordpress on WAMP

JLBN - Moving Wordpress on WAMP

Ever run into the issue to move your Wordpress blog website from one location to another and have a very hard time to edit the Databases and Configuration files and still don't get the result as expected :( or you might just simply want to test if your current Wordpress website including all the themes, the plugins, the settings, ... would work on the new version of Wordpress??? It's your lucky day since our Moving Wordpress guide is the easiest and the most effective guide out there ;)

Step 1

First thing first, please go to our Guides webpage and follow our Setup Wordpress guide to setup a new Wordpress website at your new location and in this guide, we illustrate to install new Wordpess version on our local Wamp (mwp1.png)

Step 2

Next, go to your current (live) Wordpress website and log into your Wordpress dashboard and in this guide, we use our Themes website (mwp2.png)

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