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Step 1

In this guide for WAMP, we will show you how to install and setup WAMPSERVER version 2.0, which you can get in Downloads page. To install WAMPSERVER, right click on the executive file, then select "Run as Administrator" and it will pop up WAMPSERVER installation windows with a friendly message to remind you that WAMPSERVER version 2.0 is not upgradable from WAMPSERVER verion 1.x (wamp1.jpg)

Step 2

On the next windows is the main setup page for WAMPSERVER (wamp2.jpg)

Step 3

On the next page is the License Agreement (wamp3.jpg), you have no choice but accept it

Step 4

On the Destination Location page (wamp4.jpg), you theory can setup WAMPSERVER in any directory, but I suggest you should avoid the folder that has spaces between words, and better if accepting the default C:\wamp

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