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Remote MySQL through PHPMyAdmin on WAMP


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Remote MySQL through PHPMyAdmin on WAMP

For users' own protections, WAMP by default is blocked from outside access; thus, if you wish to remote access your MySQL, you need to make some "little" changes in settings, and in this tutor guide for WAMP, we will show you what steps you need to do to achieve it ;).

BN 11.02.2005

Security First!

When granting access to outside world, your MySQL server can be accidently modified by anyone; therefore, we suggest you to follow our Setup Password guide to setup password protection as well as the login screen for phpMyAdmin.

JL 12.17.2006

More Security!

You can also setup double layer security by adding .htaccess file to popup a login permission by following our Online Encryption Password Generator.

BN 11.02.2006


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