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Install & Setup LAN & Worldwide Access Guide for WAMP

So your WAMP is already setup with everything working as expected, and you're ready to show off your wonderful websites to family members, friends, co-workers, we mean, everyone that you know; however, your websites are a little stubborn to show up :-(
Fortunately, you come just the right place to get the solutions to solve this issue. This guide is good when you combine with Setup Virtual Hosts guide which is posted on the Guides Menu. In this guide for WAMP, we will show you how to install and setup outside access for WAMPSERVER. To access your websites, no matter it's within your LAN or worldwide, you need to setup these three steps


STEP 1: Enable Associate Port in all Firewalls

In order to communicate between your computer and other computers, either within your LAN or worldwide, you need to enable HTTP port in all firewalls. Different people use different firewalls and each firewall has its own way to enable port, so here I show the most basic firewall that comes with your Windows

Default port for HTTP is port 80. Note: If your ISP blocks port 80 for some reasons, you can use port 81 or 8080, and remember to setup that same port in WAMP as well.

To enable that associate port in Windows Firewall, left click on Start menu and select Control Panel (setfw1.jpg) that will pop up Control Panel windows. Next, under Security section, select "Allow a program through Windows Firewall" (setfw2.jpg) which will result the pop up of "Windows Firewall Settings" (setfw3.jpg). On the Exceptions tab, left click on "Add port..." which pops up windows "Add a Port" (setfw4.jpg), in which you fill in the informations as follows:

Name: HTTP
Port number: 80
Protocol: TCP

When done, click OK and close all windows

Note: If you have more than one firewall, you need to enable this associate port in all firewalls. Please, consult your firewall provider for more informations

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